EQ Cashflow - Simple, Effective Daybook

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Cash flow management software manages the flow of incoming and outgoing funds within a business. Track cashflow efficiently using easy, powerful daybook. EQTribe provides an easy, simple and effective daybook cashflow management system.
Managing the Cash flow is of utmost importance to any business. Maintaining an approriate amount of liquidity is important so that the day-to-day operations of any business continue running smoothly. To know the cash condiition many factors are at play- the cash inflow of the month, payments to vendors, normal cash expenses, expenses incurred by staff for various purposes and the limits set on each spend. To manage all this smoothly it is necessary to have all information at one place easily accessible by the owner.


  • Track all payables, receivables to know exact status of your cashflow
  • Do not wait for month end to know the status from Tally report
  • Access your cash numbers from any device, anytime
  • Streamline employee expense reimbursements
  • Track petty expenses, along with any receipt or relevant images, as your staff makes those expenses
  • Pricing Plans

    Flexible pricing so that you pay only for the value you derive. Pricing plans to meet your growing business.

    business benefits

      Managing your monthly cash requirements becomes easier

      Instead of paper claims being made by submitting receipts and bills, this online system reduces the amount of paper work

      Expense claims by the staff can efficiently managed and reimbursements are smoothly processed

      The monthly inflow/outflow of cash can be know at a glance


      Track all your vendor payments yet to be received and get automated reminders for the amounts pending

      The outgoing Cashflow can be monitored by putting the dates of payment. Helps you manage your cash requirements

      Notifications and reminders for all cash transactions entered keeps you up-to-date

      Sales personnel can directly input the expenses incurred by them for reimbursement along with bills and receipts

      The reporting authority can approve or reject the expense claims and forward it to the finance department