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Service CRM for effective collaboration with customers
EQ Service Flow help organizations manage the complexities of operating a service business. With EQ Service Flow, and our CRM platform, you are able to give personalised customer service. Your customers can report issues and your service staff can help resolve in a seamless manner. All the case history is tracked for future reference. After all, a happy customer means happy you.


  • Make sure your customers get the service level they expect
  • Easy flow of information using EQ Workflows, to avoid any confusion
  • Keep all information related to a ticket in one place, that is not trapped in your employee's Whatsapp or email
  • Pricing Plans

    Flexible pricing so that you pay only for the value you derive. Pricing plans to meet your growing business.

    business benefits

      With the help of EQ Service Flow, create a truly differentiated experience for your customers.

      Empower everyone to deliver personalised service to your customers.

      Give your customers the best experience, every time.

      Trailblazing customer service means creating personalised, conversational experiences, no matter where or how customers interact with your company.

      Help your agents and managers deliver the right answers, faster.

      Service analytics to determine the overall performance of the service organization and the resulting profitability of the service business, so managers can optimize service plans, execution, and forecast.


      Customer dashboard for reporting and tracking issues

      End-to-end workflows for staff so that each issue moves quickly to closure

      Mobile app for service engineers on field, web interface for office

      Dashboards, Charts and Reports for management

      Custom attributes for your unique business needs

      (Optional) Integration with salesforce

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