EQ Workflow - Efficient Work Management

Increase operations efficiency 
Chaotic work? Manual status checks?
Workflow management software is an advanced platform that provides flexible tools to improve the way you work. It gives you the ability to create and optimizeyour website according to your imaginations and all these powers are given by EQTribe Workflow platform.


  • Bring efficiency to your operations
  • Create workflows for work spanning departments, to ensure timely completion without chaos
  • Allocate and manage important work
  • Avoid costly delays and confusions
  • Timely reminders
  • Bird's eye view of the work being done by the team
  • Pricing Plans

    Flexible pricing so that you pay only for the value you derive. Pricing plans to meet your growing business.

    business benefits

      Assign tasks to staff so the errors of omission are reduced to the minimum

      Setting up alerts and reminders ensures that the task is completed on time

      For a work/task involving many members it can be exactly known what is the level of completion of a particular task

      Adding notes/images for reference makes it easier to understand the situation


      Tasks can be assigned to individual members with a due date of completion

      Timely alerts are sent to ensure there are no delays for the work to be completed

      Adding of Projects enables all the tasks related to a particular job or customer are found at one place

      Team collaboration feature enables the work sharing amongst teams and staff members

      Recurring tasks can be set for a particular set of tasks that are to be performed on a daily or monthly basis like GST, Filling of taxes, monthly employee reviews etc.