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Platform for Changemakers and their Supporters
eSevaHub is run on a rationale that precise mapping of the requirement is key to success. Precise knowledge leads to precise action. We are promoting action on the ground through technology and bringing people together.

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  • Go Hyper Local: to ensure adequate resources are available to social change makers to help them achieve their mission of community empowerment
  • Kindling Volunteer Spirit: tapping energy of enthusiastic time donors. We believe that mobilizing millennials for doing good and learning through the process will lead to enormous action on the ground.
  • Enabling immediate Action: to enable action for any individual contributor.
  • Strengthening civil society: around social solutions rather than talking about problems.
  • business challenge
  • When we started this work, we also realized that in each of our focus areas, viz. education, health, malnutrition and poverty, we have a lot of social changemakers who are in need of resources. eSevaHub plans to bridge this gap.
  • A platform was needed which was trustworthy and had all the changemakers in different focus area together so that the person willing t donate did not have to find a reliable contact
  • eqtribe solution

    Provided a platform which is aimed to connect :

    - Changemakers, those who have passion for making a difference on the ground

    - Changechamps, those who want to champion and support the cause of Changemakers.

    - Focus is education, malnutrition, health and poverty.

    - Action is envisioned at a hyperlocal level.

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    e-SevaHub - Platform for Changemeakers

    Client Name e-SevaHub

    Website e-sevahub.com

    Industry Social

    Company Size 1-10 employees

    City Bangalore

    Country India

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