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business profile

We partner with local boutique travel companies and travel experts worldwide that specialise in all kind of travel experiences. Then we curate a huge selection of unique group tours to give you the variety you need

business challenge

The main aim for this business to start was help people have better travel experinces and explore and see a place as it actualy is. Most of the travel tours are pretty routine with the same kind of sightseeing.

eqtribe solution

Gave a platform where the traveller can pick a destination relating to what he enjos the most. Also with the personalised services provided the travel becomes very private where you get to experince things the way you enjoy the most.

Quick Facts

NothingLikeTravel - Exclusive Tours

Client Name Nothing Like Travel


Industry Travel

Company Size 1-10 employees

City Bangalore

Country India

EQ Products EQ Sites, EQ Salesflow

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