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Rimagined in an effort to promote conscious consumption of day to day materials, while create livelihoods for women in the urban poor and rural sectors.

business profile

Rimagined today operates on two foundation pricinples. Upcyling and creating and promoting sustainable livelihoods. We support livelihoods of women in the urban and rural poor and the organization ensures that its workers earn a dignified earning. While rerouting waste away from landfills, Rimagined also aims to create an identity for these women by facilitating their financial independence.

business challenge

Get a platform ready wherein all the upcycled products can be listed are are easily available to sale. Most of the sites are not easy to manage and maintain without specific knowledge. needed a easier interface.

eqtribe solution

Made a marketplace for them which was very easy to edit and manage.

Adding of products and product details to the whole cycle of purchase being done, invoiced and paid was made way easier to operate and understand.

The site layout was more appealing with the userflow way simpler

Quick Facts

Rimagined - Waste Upcycling

Client Name Rimagined

Website rimagined.com

Industry Retail

Company Size 10-100 employees

City Bangalore

Country India

Solution Link http://www.rimagined.com/

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