Rural Insurance Offline CRM

EQ Salesflow - offline CRM 
Offline data collection for a Rural Insurance CRM
This app is used by insurance professionals like brokers, agents, investigators. It’s also used by veterinary doctors in rural areas to upload the insurance data and images of cattle of their clients. The app helps to collect data of insured and their insured live stock. This app helps field staff to collect data in remote areas with no internet connectivity in a foolproof manner.

business profile

The Rural Insurance agency based out of Raipur insure cattle. Their agents go to locations where the cattle has died and capture their details on paper for further processing of insurance amount. This data has to be verified by Veterinarians and once they certify the death of the cattle, the insurance amount is released.

business requirements

The insurance agency wanted a CRM app that can be used by the insurance agents working in remote locations. The primary requirements were that the app should work offline and there should be a geo-tagging of locations where the cattle images are taken. The application should primarily work for Android and Web Interfaces

eqtribe impact
  • Easy for field staff as they can avoid use of paper based forms
  • Field staff can only take pictures from phone camera. The automatic Geo-tagging eliminates the chances of wrong data
  • Data is instantly available to the staff in back office
  • Clear tracking of who collected data, when and where.
  • Multilingual - English and Hindi Interface
  • business challenge
  • No guarantee that genuine data is collected on actual site
  • Passing on pictures using old fashioned media like CDs takes takes a longer time
  • Difficult to quickly search information about a client
  • Cumbersome paperwork in insurance sale and investigation
  • eqtribe solution
  • Offline working - to help insurance agents work in remote locations
  • Geo-tagging of images
  • Automatic location determination
  • Auto syncing of data in Cloud for ease of access to office staff
  • Web Interface for desktop usage by Management
  • Technology: Ionicframework, Node.js, Express.js, MYsql, MongoDB
  • Quick Facts

    Rural Insurance Offline CRM

    Industry Insurance

    Company Size 10-100 employees

    City Raipur

    Country India

    EQ Products EQ Salesflow

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