Digital Microscopy for Spectral Insights

Outsourced Product Dev 
A hi-fidelity user interface for doctors and scientists with upto 100x zoom
An application called Valcan Viewer which allows researchers and pathologists to use their computer screens as an intelligent microscope to analyse Peripheral Blood Smear and Biopsy Analytics.

business profile

Spectral Insights is a Bangalore based Startup that supplies state-of-the-art digital microscopes to the Pharma R&D, Hospitals and Clinical laboratories.

business requirements

At the start of this project, Spectral Insights had built its state-of-the-art digital microscope hardware. They had a prototype application which demonstrated the hardware capabilities as a proof-of-concept. Spectral wanted a market-ready application that can be used by doctors, researchers and pathologists.

eqtribe impact

  Spectral Insights is already taking the solution to market.

  Customers are loving the user experience.

  Spectral Insights is now involved in one of the world's largest pathology digitisation project

business challenge
  1. Spectral Insights had built a prototype. But they needed some deep front end expertise to build a market ready product.
  2. The requirements for the project were known at high level. But it was clear from the beginning that the project will unfold as the research and development moves on
eqtribe solution
EQTribe took up the project as a long term partnership. We setup a dedicated team completely managed by us. We defined the architecture and technology stack. We developed UX design, build the software and test it.

This project is continuing as a long term partnership as we write this story. The cloud application receives the data and imagery from the digital microscope and displays analytics related to the blood and tissue samples.

Some salient features:
  • Ability to zoom into the pathology slides all the way to see individual cells and even their nucleus
  • Annotation at micro level of cells
  • Measuring sizes as small as a few microns

Quick Facts

Digital Microscopy for Spectral Insights

Client Name Spectral Insights

Industry High-Tech Manufacturing

Company Size 10-100 employees

City Bangalore

Country India

EQ Products Outsourced Product Development, UX Design

Know More

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Interview by Prasant, Founder and CEO, Spectral Insights

ultra-high-resolution zoomable imagery by eqtribe

Short demo of the software we developed for Spectral Insights

vulcan demo

Watch this video to see the user interface developed by EQTribe. This UX is used by doctors, pathologists and scientists. Key features include dashboards, charts, 100x zoom into digitised test slides.