EQTribe Software Solutions is a Bangalore based company that provides SAS based business software in the form of web sites, portals, web applications and mobile apps. EQTribe also specialises in Outsourced Product Development.

We deliver success to startups and modern businesses as their technology partner. While the cost of technology for startups is unpredictable and high, many startups fail to take-off because they are not able to get their technology up and running within a reasonable time frame. With EQTribe holding their hand, they are able to hit the ground running. We provide business software like web-portals, e-commerce sites, CRM, Workflows, staff management, etc. Our solutions can be consumed as highly customised ones or standard packages. We help them launch 3 times faster than other options and at a third of cost.

A significant section of EQTribe’s customers are modern enterprises like technology startups varying from bootstrapped to VC funded, and other businesses (or business units of large companies) which have a modern business outlook and are keen to leverage modern technologies.

EQ Platform - Our Flagship Product

We all are aware that without a solid online presence no business can thrive. We also know that a startup or a small business owner does not have the financial capacity to invest in an independent platform, also the time taken to manage online presence can take the focus away from the real research work a startup or a small business is supposed to do.

At EQTribe, our mission is to get every small business of India online. Thus making them competitive on the world stage. For this, at EQTribe, we have built a robust platform which gets updated regularly and this platform enables not just the basic websites and online presence for small businesses owners, but also helps them with all the workflows inside the organization as they need, freeing up their time for building what they are supposed to build.

Find Out How EQTribe Products Can Help Your Business

  • Reach out to a larger market, bring your business online
  • Beat competition using technology, with more efficient team and business processes
  • Rapidly build your business tech platform so that you can focus on developing your business.

Do all that with EQTribe’s powerful, agile and user friendly software products, that bring efficiency to your workforce and business processes.

  • We are experts in making user friendly, robust products that can scale and evolve over time.
  • Founded by engineers who have 30+ years of experience in building world class business products at SAP and Oracle.

EQTribe - the Efficiency Quotient people. 

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Company Growth

We closed FY2018 with a 170% YoY growth based on our audited statements. We almost repeated it in FY2019, with 155% YoY growth. Our tribe grew by 2 times, to being a much more well rounded team in its capabilities. 

Since our inception in early 2016, we have invested money and intellectual capital heavily to build the EQ Platform and the products running on it. Now the platform is alive and kicking. Diverse business software with unique business models run on this platform. The sales of solutions on our platform and it's related services is steadily growing.

Our Partners

We are building products that can help thousands of small & medium businesses grow and scale to modern efficient businesses, across all over India and beyond. We can't do that without our partners who help us reach out to new markets and explore possibilities. 

We have partnerships with a few dynamic companies within India and outside, who bring complementary expertise to the table so that we can give an even more wholistic solution to our customers.

Entropy Designs, Mumbai

Entropy Designs helps companies develop and grow their brand.

B18 Animations, Mumbai

B18 Animation Studio are professional animators and create videos that explain brands, services, products. They provide animations like 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics, White Board Animation, Stop-Motion, Infographics etc.

The Butterfly Effect, Bahrain

THE 'BUTTERFLY' EFFECT is a Bahrain based digital creative studio that specialises in brand communications and digital advertising.

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EQTribe Brand Story

The Name

The name EQTribe is EQ + Tribe. 

EQ is for Efficiency Quotient.

The word Tribe is chosen to imply a community where people feel a stronger bond towards each other, and also a stronger sense of team. It also has a sense of informal organization, that is what we want to inculcate as a culture in our company.

The phrase Efficiency Quotient and the 3 circles of logo come from 3Es of Excellence, i.e., Efficiency + Effectiveness + Economy, that together lead to Excellence. We want to make that the motto of all that we do as a business, for our customers/clients as well as for ourselves. That is what we want to constantly strive towards with our processes as well as in what we build.

The Logo

The logo represents the above described 3Es of Excellence. It is a hand drawn version of a venn diagram of 3 overlapping circles, each representing one of the Es. The center part where all the 3 circles meet is where Excellence is achieved. We have chosen to keep the circles hand drawn and slightly wobbly to keep them informal, strictly geometrical circles are just that - strict and formal - something that we want to stay away from. We want to keep the company culture informal and joyful.

The Colors

We have chosen shades of ochre for everything those shades of orange symbolize - energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.

The central overlapping area is made with green to make it pop-up (green is one of the two contrast colors for orange, other being blue). We chose green over blue because green universally denotes "Go" and "Safety". Green is the color of growth, harmony and freshness.