Join EQTribe partner ecosystem today and help small & medium businesses. We’ve designed the EQTribe Partner Program to enable you to sell, service, and innovate by leveraging our products and platform across the BizGoEasy suite. Partners are a fundamental part of the EQTribe ecosystem, to empower thousands of small businesses to work the way they choose and grow into modern slick businesses.,The EQ RunMyOffice partner program is designed to offer the best sales opportunities to EQ RunMyOffice sales partners and agents, from the product selling to New Feature Development selling services. In order to guarantee that, the EQ RunMyOffice partner program ensures that official partners have the resources and knowledge required to sell EQ RunMyOffice to their customers. We are focusing on creating a Win-Win situation for both EQTribe & its channel partner by forming an official alliance.

The market opportunity

Modern small businesses run by educated next generation entrepreneurs do not have technology enabled tools that are ubiquitous in large companies. There is a clear divide between businesses that are technology-haves and technology-have-nots everywhere in India, and even in rest of the world.

The business world dichotomy

It is interesting that many modern urban-educated entrepreneurs, like startups, modern boutiques, professionals, etc use a lot of technology in their personal lives. But when it comes to activities of business, barring the odd accounting software, they are left with paper registers, logbooks, WhatsApp, Gmail and excel. There are not too many choices of real business software. They can’t even setup an online store easily.

Market size

This is a large gap in the tech space. The market of small businesses is huge - around 40 million (4 crore) small businesses are in India alone. As per the Economic Survey 2014-15, 90% of India's workforce include the self employed and employed in unorganized sector generating around 60% of India’s GDP.

A lot of money is out there to be made by providing cost effective and easy to use technology solutions.

Market for software products for small entrepreneurs

Making custom made technology solutions (software + other technologies) for small businesses is so expensive that it’s almost unviable. Even a small app to meet the need of a small business will cost between INR 5 lacs to INR 20 lacs. So the only solution is a productisation of solutions. World over product companies (like Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Oracle) have proven this model. There are more modern product companies which have gained tremendous share valuation in recent years (like Atlassian $7 billion, Salesforce, Intuit Quickbooks, google, Myob and many others)

Revenue opportunities for sales channel partners

  Annual Subscription Fee for App

  Customer Trainings

  Onboarding services

  System Integration

  New Feature Development Request from Customers

  Other miscellaneous software related services

About sales channel partners & sales agents

The EQ RunMyOffice Official Partner label is dedicated to companies and individual agents that offer quality services on EQ RunMyOffice. From a customer point of view, working with an official partner guarantees that the partner:

☉ Is fully trained on EQ RunMyOffice

☉ Has a direct relationship with EQTribe to escalate issues

☉ Gets access to training sessions (updated monthly)

☉ Knows about RunMyOffice product roadmap

Who can become a sales channel partner?

Anyone who has a reach to small businesses in their area and want to provide additional value to their customers and businesses in their network can become our sales channel partner. Some examples of the kind of people/companies who can become channel partner are:

☉ Individual sales agents who are willing to become full time sales agents for EQTribe

☉ IT companies who develop apps, websites etc for small businesses

☉ IT sales companies

☉ Digital marketing companies

☉ Non IT Sales agents of other products who have reach to small businesses

☉ Professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers who have access to small businesses

☉ Small business trade associations

☉ Co-working spaces and incubators who have many small businesses as their clients

☉ Businesses who have large number of small franchisees or small scale distributors, for example manufacturing companies, play school chains, clinic chains, financial services resellers (like insurance or investment firms) etc.